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Our Schedule for 2004

Prof. Peter De Jong  USA
Practical Tools to Motivate Involuntary Children and Families
Mariola i Jacek Lelonkiewicz
Supervision- How to Be More Succesful in Therapy?
 Yvonne Dolan  USA 
Treating Old Wounds - How to Help Those, Who Experienced Abusement in Childhood
Gudrun Stickinger
Search for Your Resources- How to Have Joy of Your Life? 
or, as the replacement : 
Mariola i Jacek Lelonkiewicz
Search for ypur resources- How to Do What You Love in Your Work?
Marie- Christine Cabie ( Francja )
My Depression has Dissapeared
Brief Therapy and Depresion Treatment 
03-04.12. 2004

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